We are a faith community in St. Loius, MO belonging to the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC). We are so glad that you found us!

We Are Ecumenical

Together with our sister communities in the ECC (see links to communities in the midwest on the right) across the United States, we celebrate the richness of catholic spirituality and its traditions. We are committed to preaching the Gospel by word and action. And we intend to collaborate with other Christians and other faith communities.

We Are Catholic

Sts. Clare & Francis shares a common theology and liturgical tradition with the Roman Catholic Church. We are an independent faith community in that we are not under the jurisdiction of the Pope nor are we subject to the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church.

We Are Inclusive

All are welcome to worship with us and all are invited to receive the Eucharist at our liturgies. We believe that our diversity strengthens our witness as a community of faith. Our community joyfully welcomes all qualified persons to positions of leadership and to ordained ministry regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or gender.

Every Voice Is Heard

All Christians have a mission and a mandate from Christ. Sts. Clare & Francis belongs to all of its people. Ordained and lay members alike play important and prominent roles in all aspects of the governance of our church.

Everyone Is Called

We believe that our community will grow and be strengthened by our resolve to nourish every member’s spirituality and to exercise the gifts of each person. Our goal is to support full participation through ongoing faith formation and partnership in ministry. Together, we will reach out to build community, alleviate human suffering, work for justice, and promote peace.

Visit us at www.stsclareandfrancis.org